"Leadership in Austin is more focused on an extremist social agenda and taking away power from local leaders and centralizing that power in Austin. Taxpayers in District 98 deserve a representative who understands what real tax relief is and will work to make it happen."

Debra Edmondson grew up in the Rust Belt outside of Cleveland, Ohio where she learned to love God, respect her elders and love her country. Her family roots go all the way back to the American Revolution. Debra moved to Texas a little over thirty years ago and put that love of country to work right away. Since her shoes have hit the ground in the Metroplex, she has never stopped working for her community and, since she has been an attorney, for her clients.

"A Woman Who Makes A Difference"

Debra moved to Fairview Texas at the end of 1987. She took on the building of a large regional landfill by the North Texas Municipal Water District on the border of Fairview which threatened the community with its plan to build a landfill that did not even meet minimal EPA standards. Debra formed a citizens group, Citizens Concerned Over Fairview’s Future that filed a lawsuit and raised hundreds of thousands of dollars to challenge the building of that substandard landfill. The Plano Star Courier named her "A Woman Who Makes A Difference" as a result of her efforts against the landfill. As a result, Debra was elected to the Fairview Town Council and served as Mayor Pro Tem.

"I measure Southlake two ways – before Debra and After Debra"

Former Southlake Mayor - Dallas Morning News

At the end of 1995, Debra moved to Southlake, Texas. Within six months of moving, she was appointed to Southlake’s Planning and Zoning Commission where she gave the residents of that community a voice that had been lacking. In 1998, she got elected to the Southlake City Council by beating the incumbent councilperson by a 2 to 1 vote. It was during this period that many of the strong ordinances were approved that still protect the beauty of Southlake today. During this period of time, Debra also served as the Co-Chairman of the City’s very first Drug and Alcohol Awareness Committee. During the year 2000, Debra ran for Mayor of Southlake but was not successful. Always looking for new challenges, she decided to go law school and was accepted at SMU Dedman School of Law. She got her JD from SMU in 2004 and was licensed shortly afterwards.

"Go Ahead – Call Her a Tree Hugger"

Southlake Style Magazine - 2014

In 2009, Debra was elected President of the Board of Directors of the Bob Jones Nature Center. This 501c3 organization worked closely with the City of Southlake to make productive use of the 700-acre nature center. In late 2012, through a contract with the City, the 501c3 took over the day to day management of the facility. Debra led private fundraising for the Nature Center that raised over $1,000,000 in private funding. Under her leadership, the Nature Center was open five days a week and offered an assortment of daily programming for all ages.

"Debra’s most important role – MOM"

Debra has three children, Jonathan, Joshua and Amanda. As a Mom, Debra always stressed the importance of doing your best and giving back to others. Jonathan graduated from Carroll High School and has a degree in Finance from TCU. He is married to Kelly and they have one daughter, Josie (2). Joshua graduated from Carroll High School and graduated from the University of Northern Arizona with a degree in political science. Amanda, graduated from Fort Worth Country Day School and earned a degree in public relations from Texas Wesleyan University.