Right now Southlake is facing a public health crisis with Covid-19 and the inability of the City to provide safe drinking water to Southlake’s residents during the February storm, an economic crisis as Southlake’s economy took a downturn in 2020 and unemployment rose 2% and a social justice crisis due to the ongoing racial incidents in the schools and elsewhere about which the current Mayor and City Council have done nothing. As your Mayor, I promise to lead the way in promoting learning, culture, the arts, physical activity, technology, youth activities, nutrition, healthcare, and mental wellbeing for our citizens – all of Southlake’s citizens not just a few. As your Mayor, I will commit to leading initiatives to promote entrepreneurship, support small business growth and recruit major corporations in order to serve all levels of Southlake’s workforce. As your Mayor, Southlake will support and recruit quality business development that offers an experiential approach and is in touch with 21st century realities and that recognizes Southlake’s standards of excellence while contributing to a stable tax base.
"As your Mayor I will work with key stakeholders to determine what concrete actions the City can take towards mending the racial divide that has sadly put Southlake in the national news. We must build our city not just for today but also with the future in mind."
WE can – We must and We will when I am elected as your Mayor, move forward together!